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Water Damage Reno NV

Water Damage Reno NV

Reno has witnessed many different causes of water damage in almost all kinds of buildings. We have been providing the most satisfying services to the citizens in water damage restoration. We have earned a special place in people’s hearts because of two essential things that make us stand ahead of the competition.

SuperBest Water Damage & Flood Repair Reno

Our team members are local heroes because we focus on damage mitigation for water damage emergencies.

Damage mitigation

Whenever citizens call us for water damage being an obvious choice, which happens in most cases, we reach the location in the least time possible and start providing damage mitigation services, take out and restore all the salvageable items.

High tech equipment

The next thing is the futuristic approach. When other water damage restoration companies provide their services in such conditions, they only focus on present damage and offer you temporary relief. But when we start providing services once we have successfully mitigated the current damage, we provide lasting measures and save your property from chaos and damage in the future from mold and mildew. We also protect the health of all the people inside from harmful elements.

Categories of water damage

An understanding of water damage categories will help you understand the damage and restoration time we will require in providing you the most satisfying services in the whole of Reno. These classes also define the restoration process, equipment, and services we will provide to save you from the current and future water effects.

Category 1

This category of water damage indicates the least damage from water. Most of the time, the water in this category tends to be safe and clean, and there is only some area of the room or lounge affected by clean water. There are not many porous places involved, and you don’t need specials tools in repair and restoration. This situation can be made better within an hour or two, depending on the area’s type of objects and materials.

Category 2

This category indicates the damage to the floor, carpet, and drywall as well. The expert keeps it calling the category 2 when the water level remains under 24 inches. The carpets and rugs get fully submerged in the room or the area, and the water tends to evaporate more than category 1. Here there is an availability of porous items that makes restoration a bit tricky.

Category 3

Most category three water damage situations happen because of ceiling and drywall absorb 24 inches of water. It would be best if you had expert technicians and modern methods in damage repair and restoration. Our expert technicians take care of this situation, and you get your entire area restored in the least time possible, depending on the damage.

Category 4

This category is the indication of maximum level damage to the property. Here the water could be clean or contaminated. It can exceed the 24 inches level limit of category two and three. There is a hardwood floor, and other porous material objects are around, and mold creation can be a consequence. This category requires scientific tools and expert knowledge, and substantial time in taking care of water, humidity, and absorbed molecules.

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