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Residential Restoration

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Home Restoration Las Vegas

Home restoration services in Las Vegas are one of the primary services that we offer each day. We have helped repair hundreds of homes throughout the Valley. Training is a big part of how we do business at SuperBest Water Damage & Flood Repair LV. We require our technicians to be the most knowledgeable and advanced restoration workers in the industry by obtaining advanced training available to all restoration companies. We send our upper-level management to the training conferences as well to learn about new techniques, strategies, and products available each year.

House Water Damage

Our timeline for restoring a house after water damage can range from a matter of hours to several days. Our experienced restoration crews have helped repair small jobs, minor and easy to overcome, such as washing machine overflows or dishwasher leaks.  Similarly, our restoration crews have worked on significant residential water damage emergencies, including flooded homes, flooded basements, broken sprinklers inside the house, broken water main and pipes, and flooded bathrooms.

Licensed Local Las Vegas Restoration Company

SuperBest Water Damage & Flood Repair LV is a local, licensed residential restoration company. We have all our local licensing through Clark County and stay up to date with all of our paperwork. Working with a licensed contractor is an essential aspect of any homeowner’s due diligence. We encourage all our customers to make sure that they’re working with a licensed and reputable restoration company, preferably rated five stars.

Drywall Extraction

Drywall extraction is a simple service for us. Our technicians provide drywall extraction and removal whenever there has been sitting water affecting that drywall. In an emergency, we try to salvage the drywall as much as possible, but since it’s so easy to turn into mold, replacing it is often necessary.

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Ceiling Repair

Ceiling repair services in Las Vegas are standard. Whenever there is water damage on the 2nd story, there is almost always ceiling water drying or damage restoration services that are necessary. We have skilled restoration experts that are knowledgeable about working with ceilings and structures to ensure that the structural integrity of your home can withstand whatever damages have occurred. If you see bubbling or experience a water drop, call us immediately, and we will get a skilled restoration team over to your home quickly and begin the mitigation.

Bathroom Restoration

Restoring a bathroom could mean that a faucet has been left on and flooded the bathroom or that a toilet has become dislodged, and water is everywhere. We have extensive experience with bathroom restoration projects. From broken pipes to inebriated house guest breaking toilets. We have years of experience providing all aspects of the home restoration services. Bathrooms are ground zero for 90% of our water damage emergencies. Old and brittle pipes can also contribute to water damage because of the usage of water.

Kitchen Water Removal

Kitchen restoration and water removal services are needed nearly as much as some of the other home services but are common when we have whole house flooding. Our restoration experts and reconstruction technicians are skilled at repairing kitchen cabinets and countertops that have been affected by water damage. There are some water damage emergencies in the kitchen related to the dishwasher Or a broken pipe underneath the sink. For these water damage emergencies, we can have a restoration crew out to your home in less than 60 minutes.

Floor Repair

If you’ve experienced water damage and had sitting water, you most likely suffered floor water damage. Floor water damage is a frequent repair service of ours at SuperBest Water Damage & Flood Repair LV. Sitting water does not need to be sitting for more than several hours before significant damage can occur to the flooring. The type of flooring that we provide restoration include Hardwood Floors, Vinyl, Cork, Pergo, Tile, Linoleum. Our skilled restoration workers have helped hundreds of homes throughout the Las Vegas Valley repair the flooring or replace it entirely.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpeting, because of the material it’s made from, is highly susceptible to water and water damage. Depending on the age of the carpet, how well it’s taken care of will attribute to the smells that might come from water damage inside the carpeting. If water sits for more than several hours in carpeting, it can severely damage the carpet if it’s not repaired quickly. Our technicians are skilled at dealing with carpets that have been water damaged. They are experienced at extracting the water from the carpets and getting them dried and repaired correctly.

Emergency Restoration

Emergency restoration services generally fall under our 60-minute response calls that we send our technicians to daily. We are well equipped, and we stay prepared to deal with all emergency restoration projects our customers may have for us. Residential emergency water damage includes broken pipes, water faucet overflow, broken toilet, and leaky faucets, to name a few. If you’ve experienced an emergency and need skilled restoration crews to respond with urgency, please give us a call immediately, and we will get a team headed out to your home now.

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